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Product Overview


Entangled Photon Source (EPS)

The entangled photon source (EPS) is an easy-to-use source of fiber-coupled polarization entangled photons in the 1550 nm band. The EPS-1000-W generates polarization entangled signal-idler pairs as well as a sequence of polarized alignment signals to aid in aligning subsequent measurement equipment (software selects if entangled photons or alignment photons are generated). More Info


Remote Correlation System (RCS)

NuCrypt provides an easy-to-use remote correlation system (RCS) for processing and storing single photon detections. It includes all the features you need to connect distant single photon detectors and to count, correlate, or store the resulting data, as well as to generate high-speed trigger signals when particular events (typically a correlation event) occur. More Info


Polarization Analyzer (PA-1000)

The PA-1000 is a fiber coupled polarization analyzer. It is typically used to select the desired basis state when measuring polarization entangled states of light. In conjunction with an entangled photon source (EPS-1000) and a correlated photon detection system (CPDS-1000 or CPDS-2000), the PA- 1000 will measure two-photon interference fringes or can perform a quantum state tomography. More Info


Quantum System Control Software

NuCrypt's quantum system control software allows for automated quantum measurements. It is typically paired with a polarization analyzer (PA-1000) and a correlated single photon detection system (CPDS-1000 or CPDS-2000) to enable automated quantum state tomography (QST) or two-photon interference (TPI) fringe measurements. A graphical user interface calculates and plots useful output metrics like state fidelity. More Info