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Single Photon Detection (SPD) Technology

NuCrypt has developed a broad expertise in SPD systems and applications. As an example of our capabilities, we leveraged a GHz gated single photon detector to perform high speed lidar imaging: (https://www.osapublishing.org). Our CPDS-1000 and CPDS-2000 products are designed for laboratory use and record various detector statistics between multiple SPDs, but the core components can be integrated in OEM systems.

US Patents:
8,766,161 B2


Noise-Based Encryption

EncryptionNuCrypt has been a industry leader in researching and developing physical optical encryption technologies. We have demonstrated systems through 100's of km's of fiber and via an airplane-to- ground free space link. Our work includes the "AlphaEta" (also known as Y-00) method of combining cryptographically secure bits (e.g. using the Advanced Encryption Standard or AES) with optical noise to enhance security, and prototype OFDM RF systems that use local optical random noise generators in lieu of optical noise. We have additional patents and expertise in various related optical technologies including spectral phase encryption.

US Patents:
7,697,687 B2
8,903,091 B2
7,831,049 B1
8,315,387 B2


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Optical Sampling and Microwave Photonics

microwave photonicsNuCrypt has a variety of IP related to photonically assisted sampling / analog-to- digital converter (ADC) and microwave photonics technologies. This technology could be used for high performance and low size, weight, and power (SWAP) measurement of microwave signals. Our flexible technology is compatible with either uniform or nonuniform sampling intervals.

US Patents:
8,618,966 B2
8,917,197 B2
8,902,095 B2


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Entangled Photon Generation and Measurement

entangled photonsNuCrypt has expertise in generating correlated photon pairs, polarization entangled photons, and time-bin entangled photons. We have developed products that can distribute entanglement over long distances and process or store the resulting data for analysis. Our systems typically use fiber optical nonlinearities for direct compatibility with fiber distribution, but our engineers have worked in other mediums as well. We can help determine which of the various technologies are right for your application and help to integrate quantum components into your systems.

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Optical Signal Generation and Control

NuCrypt provides a variety of photonic and laser related products for laboratory or OEM use. Our suite of pulser products can be configured with programmable (pulse width, repetition rate, and temporal delay) optical and/or electrical outputs. Other technologies include calibrated fiber polarization control to deterministically generate any desired polarization transformation and a networked optical bit-error rate (BER) tester that can measure BER from multiple bi-directional DWDM links from any node. We regularly provide customized solutions to our customers so please inquire about your needs.