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Photonic, Electronic, and Quantum Technologies

NuCrypt develops inter-disciplinary technologies for emerging applications in communications and metrology. As one example of our multi-faceted technologies, NuCrypt sells a suite of quantum optical instrumentation that allows for the generation, distribution, and measurement of entangled photons. ---> Contact Us

NuCrypt to demonstrate advanced quantum interference technology at the
2024 Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC)
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NuCrypt's Products

Our equipment can automatically perform quantum state reconstruction (tomography) in seconds by leveraging high speed gated single photon detectors and electronically controllable polarization analyzers. We also sell a suite of electronic and optical pulsers that create sub-ns pulses of variable width, location, and repetition rate. NuCrypt has developed a variety of cutting edge prototypes such as an ultra-secure high rate noise-enhanced encryption system that was demonstrated in an airborne free space link, and performs research and development in a variety of areas such as microwave photonics.


Quantum Optical Instrumentation

NuCrypt offers a suite of quantum optical instrumentation products that generate, manipulate, and detect photons. - More Info


Advanced Photonic Technology

NuCrypt provides a variety of photonic and laser related products for both laboratory and OEM use. - More Info

Technology Licensing Information

NuCrypt has a variety of patents and designs which can be transferred via consulting and licensing agreements. - More Info

Entangled photon generation and measurement system

Our Technology

We have deep knowledge of fiber optics, nonlinear optics, electronic control systems, communication systems, optical measurement technology, and quantum optics. Our systems have features that make it easy for the user to make normally complex measurements. We specialize in creating self-contained systems that requires no additional equipment of any kind.

We will work with customers to integrate any of our technologies, perform independent assessments of competing technologies to find the right match for the end user, or help with the design and testing of prototype systems.

We have been providing cutting edge technology and professional expertise to clients for more than a decade. Check out all our technology portfolios.

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