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Cryptography & Encryption Background

Introduction To Technology:

Cryptography, the field of information security, is becoming increasingly important in the modern world for many reasons. Obviously it is applicable to military communications, but cryptographic techniques are also fundamental to our general economy both for business applications, such as off-site storage of all company data for disaster-recovery, as well as in applications used by individuals like on-line banking, investing, and shopping. Not surprisingly, the explosion in available communications bandwidth over the last decade has led to a corresponding growth in the transmission of sensitive information, such as financial, medical and legal records, technical designs and trade-secrets, as well as homeland security and first responder communications. In many cases, the secrecy of such data is paramount.

Cryptographers, who try to build systems which can securely communicate information, are forever hounded by cryptanalysts who try to break into these systems. Methods of providing security that were effective some years ago may, due to advances in computation power or analysis techniques, become vulnerable. In order to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ new, more powerful, cryptographic techniques need to be developed.

NuCrypt is developing technology that is applicable to ultrahigh security data encryption as well as key distribution. You can view key distribution as the combination to a safe and data encryption as the safe itself. If one wants to send a package over an insecure distribution system without allowing it to be tampered with, one could put the package in a safe, send the safe to the desired party, and have them open the safe with the combination. In order to do this the two parties need to securely share a secret (the combination) and have a safe which is not easy to open without the combination. These two functions are distinct, but necessary for end-to-end security.

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